Games and competitions

As for all the activities that implies regular contact with the client, we often get requests that are different from creating or manufacturing. But as we conceive the products that will be the face-off of the contests, that we handle supplying and sometimes storing, the request to handle the logistic part of the contests is logic.

That’s how we can handle all the back-office for you!

Thanks to our clients, we know how hard (let’s face it) it is to handle the part after the winner is picked. It’s the most time-consuming activity.

You set up a contest with your internal resources or your communication agency. The process is fun, the medium is adapted (whether it is online or physical), you have many players and they win!

To avoid the gifts to stay under a desk (that happens) or that it is sent too late, we take that in charge. Our job is dual:

– we handle the grants, buy the existing products or create them

– we take in charge all the follow-up of the winner, from informing him to sending the gift and track the delivery. But also, to get his satisfaction opinion.

If we can sum up our action in 2 lines, it’s also very complex and requires time and economy of scale, mostly on transport fees. In your team or even in agencies there is rarely someone dedicated to handling the after winning process. It’s our job for couple years and we work for you mostly to make the winner fully satisfied.

There is nothing worst than a unhappy winner who will damage your image on social networks.