Listening, Analysis, creativity and experience

There is no unique solution because your request is not like any other.

Our job is to support you to create and design an object, a concept for the fans.

You have all the information internally and we need to work together to realize your project.

Our strength is to be stem from video games’ world to understand all the constraints and rules.

From creation to delivery, everything gets through multiple skills that were acquired during many dozen years by editors, import companies and mostly since 2008, Creative and Cool starting date, with hundreds of products realized.

Complicated products with important quantities are often realized in China and require to know how the factories and the culture of the country work. The order is not enough, we need to anticipate the technical side as well as the weather, social and cultural rules or the standards. It’s also important to know how to import a product from China to Europe, United States, Australia or Japan.

We deliver all over the world respecting the standards of each countries. We deliver in China and are able to emit invoices from Chinese company to another Chines company.

We can store and assemble in France and are setting up some offices in Europe.

Our societal and ecological concerns are prior to minimize the materials’ impact on the nature and leads us to work with local companies. According to your project, it’s not always doable and we know it. It is up to each person not to stigmatize Asian production which is high quality now if we give ourselves the means. We always value our partners and chose them to ensure quality.

We now work on the packaging to try to reduce them, especially plastic bags. We are testing new solutions and pay great care to what we create so the pleasure to discover the product is real and that the client wants to keep it on a long time. the use of the product is also a source of inspiration and we always think about this when creating products.

Concerning the realization of your project, the trust you will give to us, check our different realizations, let’s talk together and the choice will be up to you.

Once again, the most important word for us is support.